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Official CEO Address August 2018

It's GO TIME! The Hostile Takeover Has Begun!
Nuclius Ursa Rhodium BoxFolks, this is the moment we've all been waiting for and we're about to shock the world! You already know what Nuclius is. Our own exclusive product/service Live TV/Streaming combination that has created considerable distance between it and all other streaming devices on the market. And with the announcements and visual proof of where we are and what's happening below, you now know for certain that the Great Reveal of Nuclius to the world is at the door.

For the first time in the history of streaming device technology, Ursa Rhodium delivers DRM enabled, Cable/Satellite-grade Live TV programming to any HDTV almost anywhere on earth. Ursa is hands-down the best of both worlds and will not only transform the Live TV industry, it will take over a sizable share of the traditional streaming market as well. What we have accomplished, and hundreds have witnessed over the last year is so profound that like Netflix changed the movie rental industry forever, Nuclius will change Live TV forever. And you can make an incredible amount of money in the process. Folks, the Live TV Hostile Takeover is about to strike and history will be made. The industries are already expecting us and bracing for impact. But before I go on with the update, I need to give you some perspective so you can completely understand a few things.

Over the last ten years, there have been many unanticipated delays. With hindsight being 20/20, we now understand that those delays were necessary and ultimately got us where we are with what we have. Many wannabe companies have come, tried to steal our plans, tried to steal Nuclius, our Referral and Commission System, colors, terminology, etc, in an attempt to compete with Triniti. And they have vanished just as quickly as they came because they were/are not Real. We are Real and always have been. We have been lied to by people, had millions of dollars stolen from us by those we trusted, had our name and reputation smeared online by the competition, been spied on by mysterious vehicles, had our lines tapped, been hacked, received death threats, faced discouragement countless times, contemplated quitting several times and much more over the years. Many Triniti staff, colleagues and FM families across the US have suffered greatly. People have fought terminal illnesses (some overcame, but some have passed away) all in the Faith and Belief of the Mission... to Change the World and Help People Help Themselves by Helping Others. And it has been an extremely difficult journey. But in all fairness, years ago I was told I was going to change the world, I was never told it would be easy ;)

There are many people who have risked it all to assure Triniti succeeds. After all, there is nothing else out there but camoflaged slavery. People from eighteen to their golden years need Triniti and many don't know what they'll do or how they'll survive without Triniti. Those realizations are why we're still here with our eyes on the Prize. That's what strengthens our resolve and keeps us motivated and focused everyday. We're determined to accomplish our goal and provide everyday people from all walks of life with a real opportunity to change their lives. And we will not fail. We will continue to do whatever it takes for however long it takes to accomplish our goal... come what may. And we have accomplished 99.5% of our goal. Now it's all downhill. But you yourself must have Faith and Believe to prosper from what's happening. It's time.

Brand New Corporate Offices and Distribution Center
Corporate Main DoorFor the gossipers, naysayers and non-Believers both In and Out of Triniti, this announcement is especially for you. The unveiling of our new official secure Corporate facilities are undeniable proof that Triniti has graduated to the next Phase to prepare for official Nuclius launch. We will be pursuing a new local TV Production/Distribution facility in the near future as well to serve our Fortune 1,000 clientele and own interests. These moves give you all the proof you need to know that Triniti Communications, our products and services and your financial future are all real and manifesting before your eyes. It's now up to you to embrace it and do what's required to realize your dreams.

As I mentioned in my May FMS Alert, we took control of our new 3,300 sq ft Corporate Offices in June. But that was just the beginning of the large and costly transformation of this location to what we needed it to be as our new worldwide Headquarters. And as our corporate needs expand we have access to an additional 30,000+ sq ft of space at this location. And like everything else in life, it took far longer than anticipated because nothing at all went as planned. I can't think of a single thing that went right. But after eight weeks (should have been four), our new Corporate Home now makes a bold, powerful statement to our several corporate partners, employees, investors etc, and everyone else that we will permit to visit us in the future. That we are Official and about to execute our all-out Hostile Takeover of the Live Pay-TV and Streaming industries. Everyone who has seen the space from neightbors to contractors have been thoroughly impressed. Shocked even. And we have only piqued their interest about who we really are and what we really do. They all sense the enormity of Triniti and smell the change that is coming. A picture of the new office is on the right and a link to our online Photo Gallery of Corporate and the Distribution Center is below for you to take a virtual tour of Ground Zero. Many people have now seen but don't just Believe it's real they know it's real, and now you have the visual proof to know this as well.

In addition, based on the advice of my friend who owns the former Killian Rd facility, we also acquired a 3,000 sq ft space to serve as our official secure Distribution Center with close proximity to the CAK Airport in North Canton, OH. With this move, we now oversee the entire Fulfillment and Distribution process of our products to provide a better and more responsive level of service and support. Due to the small size of our product's packaging, we can house and ship millions of dollars worth of product from just this one location. And as our needs grow we can take additional space up to 12,000 sq ft total before construction is required. Both of these locations have been fully customized according to our unique technological and staffing needs and are ready to go as of this coming Monday. Note: All pending SIM orders will be processed for shipment at that time and will ship from our new Distribution Center. We thank you all for your patience through this long transition.

Note: DO NOT attempt to visit our Corporate Office or Distribution Center without a prior appointment/invitation. You will be turned away by security. These are not public retail facilities. Due to the nature of our business, these are private and secure corporate facilities so certain precautions have been taken to assure the safety and security of both our staff, building contents, licensing requirements, compliance etc.

Click Here: Triniti Corporate Office and Distribution Center Photo Gallery

Completion of Our Lightning Referral Commission System
Purple LightningThe Lightning Referral Commission System is still 100% complete from a construction standpoint and is still ready to be turned on full throttle after some final simulation, testing and tweaking. This process has been significantly longer and more tedious than expected due to the complexity and sophistication of our Lightning Referral Commission System and its past versions. This system has to be 100% perfect or it will be a financial disaster of catastrophic proportions with over 4,000 FMs in the system and countless others to begin flooding in soon. In addition, we decided to wait and will carefully compile the final version of the Payroll Run for All FMs from 1/1/2015 through current after the final audit that will take place after the Dev Team finally releases the system to us for normal use. At that time we can assure that all commissions reported were in fact accurate. We will then calculate all Commissions from that time through the current Payroll and masspay all FMs their past and current Commissions via ACH/EFT. Our entire Commission System will then be ready to run at full power on all cylinders as we prepare to introduce the world to our products and services. Note: If you haven't already done so, I suggest you log into your FMS today and Update Your Profile with your current Checking Account information to avoid delay receiving your payment. Unfortunately, savings accounts are not permitted at this time.


Final Ursa Field Testing and Launch of Live TV Content
Nuclius Ursa RhodiumAs mentioned in my previous Alert, we are releasing the PRYZM® App Store-powered Nuclius Ursa into the marketplace first. Why this is the best and most exciting move? Because the Ursa is hands-down the best Streaming device currently available on the market.

For the last several months, myself, Jeff D, Bill C and Jack P have had fully operable Nuclius Ursa devices in our possession with Nuclius TV Live TV flowing flawlessly in all of its brilliance and wonder! We've used this time to add and remove channels, tweak the Nuclius TV interface, upgrade the Android OS, tweak/optimize the Live TV streaming platform and all the other things necessary to get Ursa ready for mass production and nationwide distribution. And now that our new Distribution Center is ready to go, we are pulling the trigger to begin manufacturing our first wave of thousands of Ursa devices to begin filling the shelves in the next week or so.

We are still releasing the Nuclius Ursa into the field with just enough Live Cable/Satellite Content soon to follow for people to finally walk away from Cable/Satellite TV for good. Right out of the box, plenty of Live Demo content will be available on your device including, some network Content, Cable Content and even 1080p and 4K VOD Content to make Lightning Strike. All of your prospects will be stunned at everything the Nuclius Ursa can do out the box. Nothing on the market is even close.

Keep in mind, that since we missed our projected late May manufacturing date to begin shipping Ursas in June in order to get tighter control of the entire Triniti Communications customer experience, we have made the decision to go to manufacturing this month for shipping to a select group in early September for final testing for a mainstream release in late September. Don't worry, we plan to fully capitalize on the upcoming holiday season and plan to get Nuclius in as money homes by year's end as possible. We will deliver our products and services as promised, the rest will be up to you.

So again, the Nuclius Ursa will begin filling the Distribution Center's shelves and start shipping in September with Live and VOD Demo Content on it ready to go after device registration. Soon thereafter, each device will have 50+ Live TV channels (10 Main Networks, 43 Cable Networks and 8 Premium Networks). In addition, at that time, hundreds of Video-On-Demand Content titles will be immediately accessible. We will also be adding special Sports Packages and Ethnic Packages soon thereafter and begin building to our 500 channel mark. Here is a list of the Live TV channels that will be available once launched:

  • Major Networks: Local Content in 80 Markets ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW, ION, MyTV, Telemundo, Univision
  • Cable Networks: A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Bravo, Comedy Central, C-SPAN, Discovery, Disney, E!, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN U, ESPN News, ESPN Classic, Food Network, FOX News, FreeForm, FX, Hallmark, HGTV, History, HLN, HSN, Lifetime, MSNBC, MTV, NatGeo, Nickelodeon, OWN, QVC, Spike TV, SYFY, TBS, TCM, TLC, TNT, Travel, Tru TV, USA, VH1, Weather, Yes Network
  • Premium Networks: CineMax, HBO, HBO Fam, HBO Plus, HBO Signature, MoreMax, Showtime, Showtime Extreme
  • Sports Networks (Coming Soon): NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, NFL Redzone, RedBull, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, Bein Sports, Goal, Cycling Network, Cricket Channel, FOX Sports Channels and many others.

We also have quite a few New Release and standard HD movies loaded into the Nuclius TV VOD Library as well streaming at almost 100%. Movies like Despicable Me 3, The Mechanic, Snowden, Jason Bourne, Secret Life of Pets, All Eyes On Me, Lost City of Z, Cafe Society, etc. Since seeing is believing, now everyone will have a fully operable Nuclius Ursa for Lightning to strike quicker and easier with a working device and Live TV content in their hands.

6 Months Celestial ($49.99) and Other Promotional Pricing Ends Sunday
Nuclius TVFor a very long time while we've been pulling things together, we've offered our top-tier Celestial Package with 500+ channels for an incredibly low $49.99 per month for life for the people who Locked-In during the pre-launch promotion period. This was by far the most generous and best value in Live TV, easily saving people $100+ per month for a comparable Package with Cable/Satellite. Since we decided to pursue a new Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center, we decided to let the $49.99 promotion linger on until these new facilities were fully ready to go. Well they're ready now so the time has come for that promotion to end.

As we've shared in the past, the Celestial Package price is now being raised to $79.99 per month for life for a little while until it goes to its final price of $99.99 per month for life. This change has already been reflected on the corporate site everywhere except for the Lock-In pages themselves. Some of the other Package prices have been adjusted to their final prices as well. Effective 8/5/2018 11:59pm EST, the new Celestial Promotion is $79.99 and the $49.99 Celestial Lock-In will be gone forever. So if people want the $49.99 price, they better move quickly. Please Note: When the new price increase goes into effect, a customer will no longer get 6 months at $49.99 for the $395 Lock-In ($441.36 with taxes and fees). They will then receive 4 months at $79.99 for life as the new and most current promotion.

Newly Updated Service, Support and Community Areas

As of 8/1, our CMS/FMS Service & Support Areas, CMS/FMS Forums and Community have all been updated to the latest and greatest to get ready for the Hostile Takeover and the explosion of the Lightning Referral System.

Reminder! Use Your Personalized URLs to Lock Your Prospects to You
When you use any of the links provided below, your Lock-Ins and Customer Orders will be permanently Locked to you as their Referrer earning you income. You will immediately be notified via email of all new Orders once they are placed. In addition, all Orders will go right into the New Order System portion of your FMS for review. These links along with all others can also be found on the new Links page found below. All links are active and ready to be copied and pasted into any digital medium.

Lightning Is the Key to Changing the World!
In this uncertain economy, people from young to old are hurting financially with no end or relief in sight. Lightning is changing all of this. You no longer have to rely on the dead-end jobs, corporate grind or government to provide you with the financial resources you need to survive. But don't just survive... Thrive! Folks, you hold the key to electrifying countless lives with financial energy, power and life. And because of you, Purple Lightning will Strike all over this great nation producing many hundred-thousandaires and even millionaires in the process. So Folks, grab hold of this powerful system and don't let go. You will fulfill all of your dreams with the awesome power of Purple Lightning.

Now Get Moving and Go and Get It!

Get Ready for a Change In Your Life. Long Live the Revolution!

Onward and Upward,

Darin Miller


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