How Do I Earn Bonuses and Commissions From The Opportunity?

In order for you to become an Active Family Member (Active FM) and begin earning Genesis Kick-Start Bonuses and commissions, your Family Business Startup Fee (BSF) must have been successfully processed AND you must have met the Minimum Customer Point (MCP) requirement to trigger a payout based on your position and/or Tier in the Compensation Plan. Please note that you will be considered a Family Member (Independent Consultant) for a period of one year from the time your BSF has been paid as long as your account remains in good standing according to our Terms & Conditions and Policies & Procedures.

From AFM forward, as AFMs below you qualify and receive bonuses and commissions, you will receive income at the exact same time as long as you maintain your MCP requirement based on your position and/or Tier. Failure to maintain this MCP will allow you to still be paid during the current payroll cycle for the position and/or Tier you were paid at the previous cycle, but you will now have a thirty (30) day Grace Period in place to meet or exceed your MCP requirement. Failure to meet this MCP requirement within this thirty (30) day Grace Period will result in your commissions and bonuses being paid at the position/Tier in which you have met the MCP requirement. If no MCP requirement for any position/Tier of our Compensation Plan has been met, then all commissions and bonuses will be forfeited. Therefore, we strongly advise that you continue to get customers on a regular basis to comfortably surpass any MCP requirements so losing out on income will never be a concern.

The following is what must take place to start receiving bonuses and commissions:
  1. Every time you have 2 personally adopted Family Members who becomes an AFM within his/her first thirty (30) days in the Family, you will receive a $100 Genesis Fast Start Bonus.
  2. Every time this process is repeated anywhere down through your 7 generations, if and only if you have met the MCP requirement for the generation in question, you will get paid a commission based on the generation you reside on in relation to the person receiving the $100 Genesis Kick-Start Bonus. (Commission Chart)
  3. You will receive a commission from the monthly use of all active subscribed services down through seven generations and for the Leadership Tiers, down to Infinity.
  4. You will have to maintain the active MCP requirement for your position/Tier to continue to receive your commissions.