Opening Router Ports and DMZ Activation for Routers

We have found that routers are the most common cause of VoIP service disruptions. Most modern routers provide you with the ability to open certain ports in the router and firewall so that communication can pass freely to and from your telephone adapter. If you still experience call quality issues after opening the following ports, then go to the second option of putting your adapter in the DMZ.

Outbound Ports to Open: 5060-5070,8060-8070
Traffic Type: UDP
Incoming Firewall Ports to Open: 10000-30000
Traffic Type: UDP

The second option: Activating the DMZ option eliminates the router as a problem source while still offering the same level of security and networking options to all the other devices within your network. DMZ also allows our technical support department to access your phone adapter for remote troubleshooting purposes.

DMZ is an acronym for "De-Militarized Zone". Enabling this feature tells your router to deliver all incoming traffic in an un-altered form to the device that you specify. In this case the device will be your VoIP telephone adapter. This elimates the router as the source of your VoIP problems.

Every brand of router has a different management interface. Please refer to your router manual or contact our technical support department.

Once you know the IP enter it in the DMZ section of your router. Be sure to enable the feature and save the settings. This change is immediate so you will be able to test your VoIP telephone right away to find the results.