How Long Do I Have For You To Receive My Business Startup Fee?

It is recommended that ALL BUSINESS Startup Fees be paid at the time of Adoption. For check/money order members, we suggest you send your payment in immediately and use a service like UPS or FedEx with reliable and real-time tracking information to make sure the payment gets here as quickly as possible.

You have a forty (40) day grace period for us to receive your payment before you are locked out of the opportunity.
You will have an additional 7 days from the time of lockout for us to receive your payment for a total of forty seven (47) days. On the forty eighth (48th) day of lockout your account will be permanently restricted and you will be Exiled from our Family. All Family Members, commissions, bonuses and privileges will be forfeited. No exceptions. You will not be allowed to be adopted into the Family in the future. We have a sophisticated anti-fraud system in place monitoring all adoptions and continually search for people trying to cheat our system. Violators will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. However, for unusual circumstances, we will review a new Adoption Request for a previous Member. Adoption of that Member will be at the sole discretion of the Review Committee and if permitted, the person will be placed under the original FM they were under if they are still active in the business.