Our servers and any device we program for you are fully call display enabled.

We send the name and number for all calls. The receiving phone company can choose to accept or reject the info we send or they can choose to accept a partial amount of the information ie: name but not number, or number but not name.

Some recipient companies will also give preference based on the source of the number calling their users. For example a big phone company may choose to show all the information from another big phone company with whom they have a pre-arranged agreement, whereas they may not do the same for other phone companies. Unfortunately we cannot control what another company chooses to display or not.

You may have already noticed examples of this if you have ever used a cell phone. Most cell phone providers choose to only provide the number of the person calling in. Some companies actually charge extra to show the name of the caller.

For inbound calls we can only display the information to you that we receive. We will pass whatever we receive to your phone. However sometimes people calling us will have selected to use call-blocking or other such features so you will find that occasionally incoming calls may not have any call display information associated with them.