Is The Infiniti 200 Financial Freedom System a Pyramid?

The TrinitiComm income opportunity is not a pyramid! It is not illegal. Most people are just unfamiliar with what a pyramid really is because the term is thrown around so loosely. Pyramids are illegal and MLM/Network Marketing is not. A pyramid by definition is "The pyramid scheme involves a person making an investment for the right to receive compensation for finding and introducing other participants into the scheme. There is a clear understanding among the participants that the success of the opportunity is dependent upon attracting additional participants."

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars to develop this opportunity from the ground up and paid the best direct/network marketing legal counsel available to help us legitimize the concept and build a strong business model where all people will have an equal opportunity to succeed. We have covered every angle over the years to properly and legally develop the TrinitiComm income opportunity, concept and business model. We are offering a legitimate and unique combination of products and services that can't be found together anywhere for people. We provide a comprehensive and multifaceted commission structure with exclusive access to our online highly-sophisticated Family Management System (FMS) for training, supplies and management of their new business. We have spared no expense to assure that TrinitiComm is completely legal and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The income opportunity is specifically designed to expand the awareness and use of our VoIP phone and other communications products and services. As our customer and sales force grows the company will succeed due to our complex business model wrapped around the buying and selling of premium quality products and services by, through and from each other in the business. Our Family Members are our advertisers and they receive those advertising fees by way of referral bonuses and commissions. TrinitiComm has legal counsel that makes sure we operate completely compliant with all direct marketing laws at the State Attorney General and Federal levels. So be at peace and get started making money today.