Will I Always Receive My Bonuses and Commissions?

Yes, if you continue to meet or exceed your minimum monthly active customer requirement. Your commissions will be paid using the guidelines specified in the When Do I Receive My Commission Payments section above.

Family Members
The minimum requirement states that all Family Members must maintain Active and Qualified status to receive commissions and bonuses, which requires that one condition must be met, every month based on what FM tier you have archived, for a period of one year. A renewal fee of $195 USD will be required on the anniversary date of every year to continue with your Family Business.

  1. Pending FMs do not receive any commissions or bonuses. Pending Commissions will continue to accumulate until 1) you pay your Business Startup Fee and 2) become a Qualified (QFM) meaning you have three (3) or more personal service customers and 3) you earn one more additional Genesis Kick-Start Bonus, GB Override or One-Time service sale commission. All three of these criteria must be met. This is a one-time occurrence before we can move you to Earned status. Again, Pending Commissions will not be released to you until some other bonus or commission has been earned by you following the successful payment of your Business Startup Fee and the activation of three (3) or more personal services by customers. If a bonus or commission is earned on the day you pay your fee, after you paid your fee and you have met your personal customer requirement, then all Pending Commissions along with any current bonuses and commissions will be totaled up and paid to you on the next three business day payroll cycle. If a commission or bonus was earned before you paid your fee and no other bonus or commission was earned after paying your Business Startup Fee and you meeting the personal customer requirement, then your Pending Commissions will continue to be held until another bonus or commission has been earned by you. Once you have earned an additional bonus or commission, all Pending Commissions along with any current bonuses and commissions will be totaled up and paid to you on the next three business day payroll cycle. You will then be qualified to receive commission payments electronically every single day. Please Note: If you are in the Infiniti 200 Financial Freedom System on the 40 Days of Grace Program, you have until the end of your 40 Days of Grace term to pay your BSF (Activate) and meet your personal customer requirement (Qualify). If you have not met these requirements before your 40 Days of Grace fully expires on the forty-seventh (47th) day, all Pending Bonuses and Commissions will be forfeited to corporate on the forty-eighth (48th) day upon Exile. No exceptions.
  2. As a Qualified FM (QFM), you must have paid your BSF and maintain at least three (3) active personal customers of our subscribed services for the preceding calendar month. You will be paid from generations one (1) through (6).
  3. If you are on a Leadership Tier (Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Rhodium), you will have to maintain the minimum Active customer requirement for that Tier to continue to receive your commissions and bonuses.

If the minimum customer requirement is not met in the preceding calendar month, then all customer commissions for that payroll cycle will be forfeited. No exceptions. Therefore it is strongly advised that you maintain more active customers than your minimum requirement to assure that this never becomes an issue.

If the minimum customer requirement has not been met during six (6) calendar months, on the first (1st) day of the seventh (7th) month, the Member will be statused as Cancelled and all current and future bonuses and commissions and his/her entire direct and indirect Family will be forfeited from the time of the status change. Once your business is cancelled you will have to begin the adoption process all over again. You cannot resume where you left off. Again, all current and future commissions and all direct and indirect Members will be forfeited. You will receive e-mail notifications at specified intervals alerting you of a potential cancellation of your position in the Family.

Incorrect Payroll Account Information
You will have three (3) days to correct any incorrect payment information in our system once you have been notified by our staff, whether it be missing Payoneer accounts, Inactive Payoneer accounts, inaccurate account information for your financial institution, etc. After this time, your earned commissions and bonuses for this payroll period will be forfeited to corporate. No exceptions. If the inaccurate information is corrected and we are notified within this timeframe, a $20 charge will be assessed and deducted from the failed payroll payment total to be paid to you. This fee is charged due to your payroll payment requiring our staff's manual interaction, correction and processing to assure its successful completion. Our daily payroll processing system is a sophisticated and state-of-the-art system that is completely automated and does not require physical interaction. Inaccurate information entered into our system breaks this streamlined and automated process that allows us to execute payroll on a daily basis with precision and efficiency. When you joined the Family, one of the first things we required you to do is provide us with your correct account and/or username information for our automated payroll system. This was a one-time requirement. Triniti Communications is not responsible for information provided that was entered incorrectly whether intentional or unintentional. It is your responsibility to check and recheck all entered information to assure that the information you provide is accurate and without error.