Personal Settings

Personal Settings The Nuclius Portal enables configuring several different User Profiles for personalized viewing of each individual. The Personal Settings section enables each Nuclius User to manage: o Personalized Data for each User Profile (Channel Order of Precedence, Portal Graphical View, Subtitles/Audio, Portal Language, Add/Delete/Rename User Profiles), o Parental Control, o PINs, o Media Settings (Nuclius Portal Ratio Settings and Media Gateway Video Ratio Settings). Parental Controls With a growing selection of TV channels, movies and TV programs available to view for free or rent, Nuclius offers a tremendous amount of choice. With this choice comes issues about the type of content children can access. For your peace-of-mind, Nuclius provides a Parental Locking System you can use at your discretion. This feature lets you control what your children can watch.
The Parental Locking System (PLS) allows you to exclude individual channels from the child´s channel list and block programs that have received a certain TV rating and above. Be aware that some programs, such as Live sports events, newscasts and public affairs programs have not been assigned ratings and are free for anyone to view. Parental Control Settings You can configure your Parental Control options in the Settings section of the default User profile. Navigate to the Settings section, then use the up and down arrow buttons on your Nuclius remote control to select the menu item Parental Control, and then select the OK button. The list of User Profiles will appear on screen. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the desired User Profile to edit parental control settings, and then select the OK button. The section with Parental Control configuration for the selected User Profile will appear on screen, containing two parts - the upper one for excluding channels from the channel list and on the bottom for defining User´s Ratings. You can switch between both parts by using the up and down arrow buttons and select individual parts by pressing the OK button. Parental Control of the channel configuration enables excluding individual channels from the channel list of the selected User Profile - browse the desired channel for exclusion with the up and down arrow buttons, by pressing the OK button of the selected channel the channel description color changes, indicating that the concerned channel will no longer be present in the channel list of the handled User Profile. You can also set up the User Profile to stop your children from watching specific videos and television programs that have age ratings. Navigate to the Ratings Parental Control section. Enter the rating number most appropriate for your requirements, and all ratings above this will be locked automatically. For example, if you choose 12-Rated programs, then 15-Rated and 18-Rated programs and On-Demand content will also be locked. Lock icons will be displayed next to all inaccessible programs, On-Demand categories and On-Demand content. When you try to view a restricted program or On-Demand content, you are prompted to enter the corresponding PIN number to get access to the content.