Program Recording (DVR)

Program Recording Only programs from selected channels, marked as Recordable (or DVR), can be recorded. To record the program you must activate the TV Program Guide first (press the EPG button on your Nuclius remote control). Navigate to the program you wish to record and press the Blue button on your Nuclius remote control to activate Channel/Program tools. If the program is recordable, Record Item will be shown in the tools list. Select it and confirm the recording request; you will then see the selected program colored in the TV Program Guide, indicating that it is set to record. When program recording is completed, the recorded program's Title will appear in the "My Recordings" section of the Settings area. Nuclius allowsyou to keep up to 10 hours of personal Recorded Programs for a period of ten (10) days maximum. Recording Shows and Playing Them Back Navigate to the My Recordings section in the Settings menu for a list of the recordings you have created. Navigate through the list with the up and down arrow buttons to select the recorded program you want to watch and then press the Green button. You can Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind and Stop all personal recordings - just like you can with a Blu-Ray/DVD player.