Why Am I Being Charged Shipping For My Monthly Membership Fee?

For Security Reasons, Credit/Debit Cards Are NOT Processed Live On Our Site! All Orders Are Reviewed and Verified as Genuine By Staff. Since Shipping Is Applied to All Orders By Default, The Grand Total May NOT Be Accurate and Depending on the Complexity of Your Order, May Need Adjustment by the Customer Processing Department Prior to Processing. For Orders That DO NOT Require Shipping and/or Tax, All Not-Applicable Shipping and Tax Charges Will Be Removed From Your Order Prior to Processing Payment Your Payment. You Will Not Be Charged Shipping for Items That Do Not Ship! Your Complete Order with the Final Total To Be Charged to Your Credit/Debit Card Can Be Found in the 'CMS Marketplace -> Order History' Section of your CMS Control Panel. Final Order Details Will Be Available AFTER You Receive Email Notification That Your Order Has Went Into Processing.